Monday, February 9, 2009

Bloggy Block

Yeah, I'm having Blogger's Block. I can't think of anything that I deem to be worthwhile to write about. So here are some things happening recently with us:

* A parent at B2's basketball game on Saturday almost got into a fight. Yep.....3rd grade basketball.

* I am currently in the process of making up some trivia questions for our trivia night at church on March 1. We are also doing trivia on Feb. 28, March 27, and March 28!

* My friend Mike today gave me a bottle of Weiner Dog white wine! (Our first pet, Barney, who died on 2/12/07, was a miniature dachshund.)

* Both the girls are spending the night at a friend's house on Sunday night this weekend. No school on Monday means it's a DATE NIGHT for me and Bruce and we CAN'T wait!

* I found out today that my Curves in Highland is reducing hours which will affect the time when I go there. Bummer. So now we are considering joining the Korte Rec Center, which overall would cost $56 more per year and include the entire family instead of just me.

* I have recently fallen in love with crumbled blue cheese! I consider putting it onto just about everything I eat!

That's about it for now. Total randomness!


Willy said...

Hey, we're having a date night on SUnday too!!

Kathy G said...

A few months ago I was talking with someone from California. They had NO IDEA what a trivia night was! Can you imagine?

Anonymous said...


Katie's blog said...

Hey, guess who left a comment on my bog??????? Look at my pinewood derby entry......

Kimberly said...

Gotta love kids' sports. There were several almost-fights at Maddy's softball games last summer.

Have fun on your date night, you crazy kids!

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