Monday, October 18, 2010

B1 got her braces taken off last week. She had the braces 2 days short of exactly 2 years! Here is a picture taken of her the night before her appointment. I posted about this in October, 2008, when she got the braces put on as well.

And here are a couple of pictures I took of her just a little while ago. she has the clear retainers now, which she is wearing in these pictures.

Great smile!

She had an 8-day streak which was very good for her.....her softball team got 2nd in state on 10/7/10. She got her braces taken off on 10/12/10. And on 10/14/10, she found out that she made the middle school basketball team! Whoo-hoo!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

2nd in Illinois! (Lots of pictures!)

We had a very exciting week here! B1's middle school softball team took 2nd in the state on Thursday! They began playoffs 2 weeks ago and won their regional pretty handily. Then last weekend, we played in the state quarter-finals and beat Metropolis, advancing to the semi-finals on Tuesday. We beat West Frankfort that day. Thursday was the state finals and we played (and lost to) Carterville. It was a really fun ride! The baseball team from our same middle school also went to state and WON the title! Yay for them! Here are some pics of the pep ralley and send-off as well as the medal/trophy ceremony.

Signs made by TMS students.....the first one is specifically for B1!

They marched outside, in between all the students, band and cheerleaders, behind a police car.

Here comes the softball team!

B1 with one of her best friends.....

And getting on the bus.....

What a beautiful smile!

The bus heading out for state! There's something about seeing a Triad bus that makes me happy and proud!

A fire truck from each of the 3 towns that feed into our middle school helped escort the kids towards the interstate, along with 2 police cars. This is the fire truck from OUR town.

Custodians and maintenance workers were even on the roof of the school, holding signs and wishing the kids luck!

The marquee at the school.....

You have to look closely here. This is a picture of the scoreboard during the game when B1 was batting. I thought it was neat how it said "at bat 50", which is her number. The score doesn't look so good though! LOL!

Receiving her state medal.

The team receiving their trophy.

The team with their trophy.

B1 with the team trophy.

B1 and 2 friends with the trophy.

The boys baseball team AND the girls softball team together with their trophies.

B1 and my mom with the trophy.

We had a huge celebration later that evening at Pizza Man! The bus came back and all of the kids rode on it (instead of riding home with their parents like they usually do). The bus was also escorted home by 2 police cars, one in front and one in back. They of course got to ignore all red lights, stop signs, etc., which they thought was awesome! Most all of the parents, and many grandparents, siblings, etc., were also at Pizza Man and boy was that place rocking! However, if you walked into the back room where most of the kids were sitting, the smell was not so pleasant! I guess that's when happens when you play in a state final game!

Here is B1 with some friends.....

Here she is with a boy in her class who she has literally been friends with since birth. We all go to the same church and they are currently in confirmation class together. They have been in school together since kindergarten.

And here are the 2 trophies we brought home from state!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keeping Everything Straight

B1's school softball team won the quarter-finals in the state playoffs yesterday! They are at least the 4th best team in the state in their class! No Triad Middle School softball team has ever gone this far, so she is a part of history and I am very proud of her for that.

I am typing this next part partially for my own sanity and to keep things organized. Here is our week:

Today: church, B1 has confirmation right now, B2 has a select softball game at our local park in 20 minutes, B1 then has 2 select softball games in Collinsville at 2:30 and 4:00. One of us will have to leave there early with B2 to get to pitching lessons at 4:30. B1 will miss pitching lessons today.

Monday: B1 has school softball practice until 4:30, B2 has basketball practice at 6:00.

Tuesday: B1 has a school softball game (state semi-final) at 3:00. I will have to leave work early, pick up B2, and head to Centralia (about an hour's drive) for the game. Then both girls have pitching lessons in Caseyville at 7:00pm so we will need to rush back from Centralia to get there. Of course, Centralia and Caseyville are in opposite directions from our house.

Wednesday: B1 will have school softball practice after school until 4:30, B2 has gymnastics at 4:30 and basketball practice at 6:00. B1 has select softball practice at 7:00.

Thursday: B1 will play a school softball game (either at 2:00 if they lose on Tuesday or 3:30 if they win on Tuesday). I think that's it for that day.

Friday: football (duh!)

Also, B1 is once again trying out for middle school basketball. Tryouts are now being pushed back (they were supposed to start on Monday) because of the softball team playing at state. I am guessing maybe tryouts will begin on Friday??? Softball will definitely be over by then.

Next Saturday, B1 has select softball practice from 12-2. We also have Blues tickets for opening night. Last night, the Blues had a practice game and Bruce and the girls tried to go there afterwards to get autographs. Well, fans are not allowed this year to stand in the spot where they stood last year to get autographs after the game when the players drive out. Bummer for my family! The girls LOVED doing that! Not sure what we are gonna do now.

I am currently listening to the "Footloose" soundtrack, which I got in the mail yesterday, purchased on ebay. LOVE IT! I am so glad I was in junior high, high school, and college from 1980 - 1990! GREAT DECADE!!!!