Monday, October 18, 2010

B1 got her braces taken off last week. She had the braces 2 days short of exactly 2 years! Here is a picture taken of her the night before her appointment. I posted about this in October, 2008, when she got the braces put on as well.

And here are a couple of pictures I took of her just a little while ago. she has the clear retainers now, which she is wearing in these pictures.

Great smile!

She had an 8-day streak which was very good for her.....her softball team got 2nd in state on 10/7/10. She got her braces taken off on 10/12/10. And on 10/14/10, she found out that she made the middle school basketball team! Whoo-hoo!

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Willy said...

Wohoo! Awesome job!