Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Some Misc. Pictures

While I was at the Triad/Highland game last night, Bruce took the girls to a Hardee's somewhere in St. Louis to see Blues player Cam Janssen. Our family loves Cam. He is always so nice to our girls and claims that Bailey is his favorite fan. She even had a Christmas ornament made for him which had a picture of him and her on it. Thursday night, they baked him cookies, which he apparantly ate while signing the autographs. Too funny!

You can see the plate of cookies on the corner of the table here.

Cam and the hunk......or is it Bruce and the hunk? Hmmm.......

Bruce turned 41 on Wednesday. We are now the same age for 3 months. I asked him that morning what he wanted to do for dinner that night and he said he would like home-made pizza. Cool, that's easy enough! Chef Boyardee helps with the crust! Anyway, we gave him a little bit of everything as gifts. He got Blues pajama pants (which he is wearing in these pics), a navy USA t-shirt with "Johnson 6" on the back (this represents one of the Blues players who is playing for the US Olympic hockey team), some cash, some scratch-off lottery tickets, some gift certificates for back scratches from us, some Ghirardelli chocolates, and a cookie cake. The girls also painted him a wooden plaque with "#1 Dad" on it. He really seemed to like all of his gifts.

And lastly, a few pics from last weekend when I made a new recipe....."Cream of tomato soup." It started with Campbell's condensed tomato soup as a base and then included lots of other ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, cheese tortellini, cream, and basil. It was good and I will keep the recipe to make again next fall.

Have a great weekend!


Willy said...

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Anonymous said...

How are you? your website is nice
Have a look at that crazy emo video clip:

Anonymous said...

Okay enough about Bruce's brithday(happy birthday) and Cam, I want to see some REDBIRD SOFTBALL t-shirts. Now that I think about coockies for Bruce and Cam what about Dan the Man!

Anonymous said...


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