Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Recent Pictures

Here are some more pictures from recently:

The first ones are from B2's 10th birthday party, at a local bowling alley.

The girls with one of B2's best friends

B2 bowling

B1 bowling

B1 and one of her best friends

The girls with Grandma

It was a "we love each other today" kind of day!

The whole gang

Sign made by B2 herself!

Eating cake

More cake

Goofing around!

Hmmmm.....ya think B2 might need braces one day???? I've already started saving!

B1's softball team after placing 3rd in a tournament last weekend. She is in the back row on the left end.

The team with their coaches. Bruce is next to B1.

B1 and the trophy.

More pictures coming soon!

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