Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Caught A Big One!

We went fishing last Monday, Labor Day. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and we have a little pond about 6 blocks from our house right in town! B2 caught 18 blue gill, which was the record for the day! B1 caught about 7 fish and Bruce caught 5. I only caught 1 but it was the BIGGEST one of the day! I caught a catfish which was about 12 inches long from head to tail. It was kind of exciting!

There are 4 ducks who live at this pond too. You can see one of them in the picture behind me!

Today we are attending a wedding. The groom is my 3rd cousin and there will be lots of family members there who we only see maybe once a year. I am looking forward to spending the evening with them.

Our lives are about to get even busier. Pitching lessons for both girls start back up in October and we go twice each week. B2's basketball practices begin Monday night and will also be twice each week. Since Bruce is her coach, that involves him too. B1's new softball team is beginning its practices this week on Thursday and for the remainder of September, she will practice 3 days/week. She also has 2 middle school softball games this week and we have Cardinal tickets for Thursday night. Gymnastics is still on Wednesday for B2 but I am going to try to get that changed to Tuesdays to couple with Tuesday pitching lessons. And, hopefully within a month, we will know if B1 made the middle school basketball team this year and so we will hopefully have to add those practices and games to the schedule too. Dang these kids keep us busy! How do people with more than 2 do it? I guess their kids are just not in as much stuff as ours, huh?

Have a great weekend!