Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Recent Pictures

Here is B2 before her Christmas program at school last week. We are lucky that our school still puts one of these programs on because most in our area don't do it anymore. This was the last one for her since she will be in middle school next year.

Our entire family on Thanksgiving. Edna is on the couch in the middle and her 2 sons and daughter are standing behind the couch with their spouses (light blue shirt, red striped shirt, black shirt). Then there are the children-in-laws, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! We make a pretty good-looking group if I do say so myself!

B1 during a recent game.....

B2 during a recent game.....

We have our first snow day tomorrow! I am not really sure it is necessary but I'll take it either way!

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