Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow and 1st Place!

We had a big snow storm here Wednesday night/Thursday morning. This was the most snow I can remember in a while. I recently told Bruce that when we were kids and got off of school because of snow, it was usually A LOT of snow. Our kids have been getting off for just a couple inches of snow here lately (don't get me wrong, being a teacher, I certainly am NOT complaining) but it's still not like it was when we were kids (wow, I sound old!). Well that changed this week. We got a pretty big one. When we woke up Thursday morning, it certainly was beautiful outside. I measured it with a ruler and it was just barely under 9 inches here.

Front yard

Trash can

Hot tub

Picnic table

Shinza LOVES it!

B2's basketball team won a tournament today. They actually played both yesterday and today and won all 3 of their games. They played really well against some pretty good teams. Bruce is their coach and we are very proud of all of the girls. It's fun to watch them and know how much they have all improved from 2 years ago.

Here is B2 shooting a free throw today. She made 1 of the 2 she shot.

This is the team (with B1 in the background watching as well as Coach Bruce and Coach Mike) waiting for their trophies.

Happy girls and coaches

B2 and her trophy

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Willy said...

COngrats on the tourney win! We only got about 7" of snow here and Ike loves it too!