Thursday, April 10, 2008

43 And Hoping For 50 Someday

I am pretty proud of the fact that I have been to 43 states and driven into every one of them, not flown over them. I was lucky growing up that I had parents who took us on a nice vacation every summer. We are trying to do the same for our kids. I think it is important for them to see the country we live in. B1 has been in 24 states (at 11 years old) and B2 has been in 22 states (at 8 years old). We won't add any new ones this summer but we will add Nassau to our list.

Little funny story: in 2003, while we were driving from Minnesota to Kansas City down I-29 on the far western side of Iowa, we were this close to Omaha, Nebraska. I asked Hubby to please drive into Nebraska, just so the girls and I could mark it off our lists. Hubby could really care less, but he did so to appease me! We drove into Omaha on I-480, took the first or second exit, turned around, and then drove right back into Iowa! But hey, we got to check another one off! I didn't think we'd be back to Nebraska anytime soon for a vacation or anything, so while we were right there, we needed to take care of it!

The 7 states I am missing:

North Dakota

My mom says Oregon and Washington are 2 of the prettiest states she has visited. I look forward to going there one day. B1 wants to go on an Alaskan cruise. I want to go to Hawaii!


Anonymous said...

We did the same thing as a kid with R.I.

Your Hubby (we all know he has problems) might care less but we thought that it was cool as kids. I was able to get all 48 contanital states as a kid. Still waiting for Alaska and Hawaii.

Looks like you still need a trip
to the Pacific NW?

Dan the Man

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