Friday, April 25, 2008

Party, Feet, and Baseball

B2 is having her birthday slumber party as I type this post. She invited 5 friends to stay. Four of them are here. The other had a dance recital this weekend in Peoria. B1 has one friend staying tonight. Why is it that B1 wants to dictate everything that happens at the party? Does she not realize that she is 3 years older than her sister and it's really her sister's party? She so needs to act her age and stop trying to run the show! It this what all girls do or just what our girls do? Gees.

I found out this week that I have Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel. It began hurting 2.5 months ago when we were in Vegas (Was it really that long ago that we were there? Seems like only a couple of weeks!). I woke up on the second morning and my foot hurt. I figured it was just "Vegas feet" because of all of the walking we had been doing. Not so. My foot still hurts. The doc gave me inserts to wear in my shoes for the next few weeks. This is not the time of year that I want to be wearing inserts, however. They don't work with flip flops! It's spring and I want to be wearing flip flops! I do have a pair of Sketchers shoes that I like though. They are a cross between tennis shoes and sandles. I also got a prescription of cortisone. It's one of those deals where you take 6 pills the first day, 5 the next day, etc. I will start that tomorrow. If things aren't better in 3-4 weeks, I have to go back. He did say that if it begins to feel better after wearing the inserts for awhile, I could wear flip flops and sandles again. It's always something, isn't it?

We are going to the Cardinal game on Sunday and we get to sit in the Bank of America box and have all the free food and drink we want! Too bad we only drink soda at ball games. But we will probably put away a good bit of food! We are going with an older couple who are friends of ours. Whenever it snows, Hubby makes sure to shovel their driveway after he shovels ours. This is their way of thanking us (him), and we think it is pretty nice of them.

I only have 18 days left to work this school year.............YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

18 days wohoo! We are counting down here too! Have a great time at the Cardinal game!

Katie's blog said...

I have like, 19 days or something like that - I can never remember.

Sara E said...

hey there!

I'm flying in to KC tomorrow with Hudson and Griffin.....Can you believe Cooper is graduating from high school in May????? We'll be in KC and STL all month.

Sorry to hear about your heal...that's a bummer

and........ you have to check out my blog... there's a little surprise there for you :)