Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread House 2008

Somewhere along the line, it has become a tradition for B1, B2, and me to decorate a gingerbread house for the holidays. We had a snow day on Monday this week, so that was the perfect time!

This picture was actually taken when we were almost through. B2 is working on an M&M "path" outside the front door of the house. We decided that next year, we might try to use Pez candy for the path, since it looks a lot like little bricks!

Here is B1 concentrating and applying the icing to the front of the house. I think she found out that it is harder to squeeze that icing out than it looks!

Teamwork.....we added a gingerbread tree this year as well. I actually think I like the way the tree turned out more so than the house!

The finished product. I like the way we chose to do the roof this year. The green gummy candies are supposed to be bushes and in front, B2 made a "melted snowman." Of course, B1 thinks that was a stupid idea but I think it's kinda cute!


Kim said...

Aw, love the melty snowman! That's so clever!

Willy said...

Very cute! I like the melted snowman and tree too!

Mary Ann and Dan said...

B1 and B2 - great job on the gingerbread house and I really like the tree...... Have a great Christmas..

Dan and Mary Ann