Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful (Busiest) Time of the Year

Sometimes people laugh at me because I like to do my Christmas shopping early. Usually, I am basically done with it come December 1. I do this because, like everyone else, our December is usually pretty crazy. And more so this year because B1 is not only playing in one, but two basketball leagues AND B2 is playing this year for the first time as well. I was reminded this week about how nice is it that the shopping and most of the other stuff is complete. Friday night, Triad played Highland in boys basketball. Triad won, which as I have mentioned in past posts, is always great when we are playing our arch-rivals. Before the game, the four of us and my brother went to dinner at Diamond Mineral Springs. They have a seafood buffet on Friday nights which includes crab legs (yummy!). After dinner, we quickly went to the square and while Bruce waited in line, the girls and I walked around and took some pictures. They then went in to visit Santa. This is where the first 5 pictures were taken.
Saturday, B2 had a basketball game at 11:00am in Marine and B1 had one at 5:00 in Highland. We ran a few errands in between. After the 5:00 game, several families went out for pizza. Both of our girls had a friend spend the night that night as well.
Sunday morning, we got up and got ready for church. It was the day of the Christmas program and B1 was a narrator while B2 was one of the Wisemen. This is where the last 5 pictures were taken. After church, B2 had a game at noon and B1 had games at 1:00 and 2:00. Thankfully they were all at the same place! As soon as the games were over, we ran the girls to Bruce's mom's and then headed to St. Louis because we had Blues hockey tickets. We had Blues tickets last year at this same time and all I really remember about it was walking around there in sort of a funk because my mom had been diagnosed 2 days prior. After the game (which started at 5:00pm), Bruce and I went to Lumiere Place. Once we finally left there, we still had to go grocery shopping! We left Schnucks in Collinsville at like 12:30am! We didn't go to bed until like 2:00am! It was a fun, packed day! Today, Bruce and the girls had a Daddy/Daughter shopping day. They went to St. Louis Mills while I stayed home and played Santa with the wrapping paper! I also got a bit of a head start on a couple food items I am going to need over the next few days. Tonight was a Girls Night Out for me as I went to Neruda in Edwardsville with Katie, Patti, Heather, and Ronda. It was a good meal and I've been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now. We try to do a GNO every 2-3 months.
Tomorrow, we might take the girls to Dave & Buster's (finally) for their first quarter report card rewards. Hopefully, B1 won't read this because they don't know about it yet!! :-)
On Christmas Eve, Bruce's side of the family comes to our house. They usually arrive shortly after we get home from church, about 5:15. We eat dinner which is a casual affair and eventually open gifts. We always have "A Christmas Story" on the TV too!
Christmas Day consists of us getting up and exchanging family and Santa gifts. Then we head to Bruce's HUGE family dinner (his dad had 14 siblings) for a noontime meal. I try not to eat too much because I want to still be hungry for the meal at my parents' house, which this year I'm told is going to be around 4pm. Last year, because my mom was too sick to host family on Christmas Day, our family of 4 went to a movie that evening. I tell you was very crowded! We were so surprised. We saw "Enchanted" last year. We think we may keep this tradition and go to another movie this year, after we leave my parents' house (it will probably have to be a late movie, but that's OK because we don't have to get up early the following morning). The movie "Marley and Me" comes out on Christmas Day and since we love dogs, we think that may be the one of choice.
Of all the days we celebrate Christmas, I think Dec. 26 is my favorite of all! That is the day we go back to my parents' house and exchange gifts with them and my brother. My mom makes like 4 different appetizers, I bring a few, and we snack all day! It's great!
This year, I think we are going to go away somewhere on the weekend after Christmas. We will probably stay somewhere on the 27th and 28th. It won't be anywhere real far or too exciting, but just a couple days to get away will be nice. Then on New Year's Eve, we have made a tradition of going bowling with other families. We go to Camelot Bowl in Collinsville and we rent 2 lanes from 7pm until 12:30am. It's always a fun time and again, there is a lot of food!

I hope all of your holiday celebrations and traditions are memorable this year!


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Great pictures of the girls! Gracie likes seeing pictures of them. Let me know how Marley and Me is...I want to see it but not sure if I have a big enough box of kleenex!

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