Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Crazy Scheduling!

It's been 2 weeks again, and things aren't going to get any better. Here's why:

11/3: Chaperone fan bus to Springfield, IL for 3pm Super-sectional soccer game, which we won in OT!

11/5: Take dog to doctor at 4pm (she has been squealing loudly in pain when we try to pick her up, not normal), then take B2 to basketball workout at 6pm in Edwardsville, sit in the school and do my own schoolwork during her workout since I have no errands to run at any stores right now.

11/6: Chaperone charter fan bus to Naperville for State soccer semi-final. Leave at 7am and probably get back about 10pm. Preparing for a sub can sometimes be a lot of work!

11/8: Girls sing in church, pitching lessons at 4pm, take B1 to basketball workout thing in Belleville (because Bruce has a Khoury League meeting) from 6-7:30. While she is there, run errands in the strip mall across the street.

11/9: Take B2 to gymnastics from 5-6 and then basketball practice from 6-8, get dinner somewhere in there.

11/10: Taking personal day from school to go on B2's field trip to the Magic House and Spaghetti Factory. As soon as Bruce gets home from basketball, leave to head to Nashville (me, him, and B1).

11/11: Arrive in Nashville sometime in the morning, spend the day "stalking" the stars and attend the CMA Awards that night, then drive a couple hours towards home.

11/12: Finish driving home and be at school by 12:00 for parent/teacher conferences until 8pm.

11/13: Parent/teacher conferences during the regular school day hours, after school, go ASAP to Carlyle for a weekend of scrapbooking! Michelle and I are renting a hotel room for 2 nights and we are gonna try to get a lot done. It's a big gathering in a large-size conference center adjacent to the hotel!

11/14: Leave scrapbooking for B2's basketball game in Highland at 4pm, return to scrapbooking.

11/15: More scrapbooking until late afternoon, then home to beging another week.

So I guess I will be back sometime after 11/15 with another post!


Kathy G said...

You probably don't want to hear that it will be like this for years...or at least the girls learn how to drive themselves to their own activities :-)

Dan said...

OK it is the 19th we want an update on your CMA trip!