Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Week's Schedule:

Monday: School until 4:00, picked up B1 and B2, took B1 home, left immediately to take B2 to gymnastics in O'Fallon, ran errands while she was there, picked up quick dinners for both of us to eat in the car, picked her up at 6:00, rushed her back to town for basketball practice which started at 6:00, then headed to the middle school where B1 was watching the first girls basketball game of the season, brought her home after the game (about 7:30) and finally did some stuff around the house

Tuesday: School until 4:15 (this day was an easy one).....picked up the girls, came home and fixed dinner, made cookie dough for later this week, watched The Biggest Loser beginning at 7:30, stayed up until about 11:00 doing school stuff and partially preparing tonight's dinner.

Wednesday (today): School until 4:15, picked up the girls, heard about how my mom's blood work is now indicating a problem with her kidneys, came home to a crock pot supper which was just OK (new recipe), sorted laundry, currently working on washing about 5 loads, will do as much school work as I can before bed.

Tomorrow: School until 4:15ish, pick up the girls, Bruce won't be home because he has parent/teacher conferences until 8:00pm, get some dinner for the 3 of us, run B1 to a basketball workout thing in Edwardsville (we want to try to keep her involved so she doesn't "lose" too much for next year' tryouts), while she is there B2 and I will go to Shop n Save and get a huge list of groceries, come home and put groceries away.

Friday: School until 4:00ish, pick up the girls, come home and eat something, then head back to Triad for the last football game of the regular season (Senior night), after we come home we plan to bake cut-out cookies (yes, LATE Friday night, but I can't find another time when all 3 of us can do it together!).

Saturday: get up in the morning and decorate cookies, spend a good part of the day at my grandmother (not deceased) and step-grandfather (deceased)'s auction, find some time to make 2 dishes for the trivia night we are doing on Saturday night, take B1 to a Halloween party and then head to trivia to be there by 5:30pm. After trivia, maybe go to the Halloween party where B1 will be for the "adult" side of the party.

Sunday: probably going to skip church (went the last 2 Sundays though), get B1 to Triad to work at the craft fair by 11:30, go to B2's first basketball game of the season which starts at 12:00, go work the craft fair myself at 2:30, girls have pitching lessons at 4 (I am not going), and then B1 has another basketball thing in Belleville beginning at 6:00.

Monday: Start all over again.

And then, you know, there's the checking homework, making lunches, helping study for tests, yada, yada, yada.....

So yeah, that's why I haven't blogged much lately.

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