Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sports Disappointment

B1 did not make the middle school basketball team. I cannot elaborate on this because I may get myself into trouble. Enough said.

This week is exam week at school - the end of the 1st quarter. It's a stressful week for the students but a pretty easy week for me.

Bruce and the girls spent a good part of yesterday at the St. Louis Blues practice. Afterwards, they stayed to get autographs. Bruce used to do this when he was young and sometimes I went with him. It was always a fun time! I think he is very happy that he has 2 daughters who are showing an interest in Blues hockey. They seem to be more "into" it than Cardinal baseball. Speaking of Cardinal baseball, we were at the game on Saturday. We saw them get swept and eliminated from the 2009 postseason. Sigh. Bruce was ready to leave after the 6th inning but I wouldn't let us leave. It was cold, we were shivering with gloves on, but I wanted to stay until the end. We fly with them and we die with them I told him. Maybe next year will be better. At least we still ended higher than the Cubs!

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