Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

Here is a glimpse of our Christmas. It was wonderful this year. I think part of that had to do with the fact that we didn't have to run around like crazy people on Christmas Day. We didn't leave the house until 3:15pm and I took a nap in the recliner from about 10am - noon! After dinner, we went to a movie too (a tradition started in 2007).....

Here is a cookie plate that B1 put together for me of the 8 different kinds of cookies we made. Isn't it pretty?

This was my 2nd year to make the dressing for my mom's house. I made it on Dec. 24 and she then baked it on the 25th. This year, it turned out better than last. I think that is because I salt and peppered it a couple more times. It was really good. I asked my Grandma Philipine for a little help every once in awhile. I looked up and asked her to make sure I was "doing it right."

B1 and B2 on Christmas Eve standing in our kitchen. See B2's shirt? LOL!

B1 and her cousin Lea, who is 2 months old. B1 will be a fantastic mother someday; she loves children, especially babies!

Christmas morning by our tree upstairs.....

Shinza and her gifts! It was funny on Christmas Eve.....Bruce's brother Dennis had to go outside to smoke every so often and whenever he did, he took Shinza along with him. It got to be where she sort of followed him around, wanting to go "smoke"! LOL!

One of their "big" Blues jerseys and 8th row tickets for an upcoming game! Whoo-hoo!

The 4 of us at my parents' house on Dec. 25. I like this picture!

The 4 of us plus my parents, brother, and Rusty on Dec. 26 just before opening gifts.

In the weeks before Christmas each year, my dad loves to tease the girls and says things to them like "I didn't see any gifts for you at our house" or "I told Grandma not to buy you so much this year" or "I think you might be getting one small gift and maybe an orange". Anayway.....B1 thought it would be funny to wrap up an apple for my dad. So here he is with it!

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Willy said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great weekend!