Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today is B1's 13th birthday. 13. My baby is a teenager. Wow. I remember the moment she was born. I expected to look at her and for her to be all red, wrinkled, covered with that white "stuff," and well, you know, look like a typical newborn. But she didn't look that way at all. She was beautiful. I seriously remember the first thought that came into my head was "awwwwww......she's pretty!" She wasn't covered in that "gunk" at all, she was only wet, as if she had been dunked in water.

One of the first things my dad checked out was her ears. Were they close to her head or sticking out? He declared they were close to her head and that was good! Kind of funny!

This is a picture of her opening a few presents this morning. It was about 6:10am, so it was dark outside.

She was born at 10:33am and today, my 4th hour class began at 10:30. While I was taking roll and sending my attendance report on the computer, I watched the computer clock and composed an e-mail to B1, which I sent as soon as my computer said "10:33." That way, tonight when she read it, the time would be her exact birth time. Thirteen years ago, when she was born, her father made sure to set the TV in the delivery room to ESPN's Sportscenter. Ha ha!

This is a picture of her while opening the remainder of her presents tonight. She got a new Triad hoodie, Triad sweat pants, a Carrie Underwood CD, 5 books, an Aeropostale bag to use for her school books, and some make-up. My parents gave her a hair straightener, a figurine, and cash.

We will celebrate with a few of her friends on Saturday night with a trip to Dave & Buster's and a sleepover.

I love you, B1 and I wish you sooooo many more Happy Birthdays! Thanks for helping to make my life perfect!


Willy said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Cannot believe she is 13!!!!

Dan the Man said...

Happy birthday!!! Did you realy geat Triad stuff, don't you know all the COOL kids are wearing "REDBIRD RED" this year!

Annette said...

She's beautiful! What a young lady. Enjoy every minute with her . . .

Anonymous said...


Laura Lou said...

Wonderful account of your first born's birth. I too remember seeing my first born, a son, for the very first time. I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and loved him from that moment on. I try to tell him this every birthday, he is 26 now, but sometimes I forget. I think all kids, young & old like to hear about their birth (day). I enjoy your blog.