Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I LOVE this time of the year!

Yes, yes I do! And for so many reasons.....

* Squirrels running around in the yard, moving in their stiff, almost animated way.

* The tropical snow stands are out again! I love seeing them being set up!

* Kids on awesome is it to see kids riding around the neighborhoods on their bikes, getting exercise?

* Flowers! Although I had a bit of a tough time planting mine this year (did anyone ever tell you that you can put TOO much fertilizer on them? No one told me!), they are finally out and I am excited about it! I love watching them grow and watching for some of the bulb plants to poke through the ground.

* Wearing shorts! Even though my legs are big and pasty white, you just have to love being able to wear shorts and capris every now and then.

* Kids playing, love, love seeing kids in their yards, driveways, etc. just being kids and plain playing!

* Baseball on TV, or the radio! Oh yeah, I love those sounds of summer!

* The Ice Cream Man! Wow - I really like the music he plays!

* Seeing people drive their convertible cars around - with the tops down!

* Porch swings! I want one! Or at least a backyard adult swing. Bruce said maybe we could get rid of the swing set and get one. It does make me a little sad though that my kids are old enough to get rid of the swing set. B2 still plays on it though so maybe not just yet!

* Even spraying for weeds and grass in the cracks of the driveway makes me happy!

* Ball teams practicing. Our local park buzzes with activity almost every night of the week now....softball, baseball, t-ball, soccer, it's great!

* Walking in the park while these teams are practicing is great too!

I have often said that Friday is my favorite day of the week and it always has been. I think this is because the anticipation of the weekend for me is almost better than the real thing! I think the same goes for spring in anticipation of summer! May is my favorite month of all and we are almost there.

Happy Spring!

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Willy said...

I'm a big fan of all those things too...well except spraying weeds in the driveway. You could come over and do ours if you want. :)