Friday, April 2, 2010

Look What I Made!

Home-made marshmallows! They taste like "Peeps"! I found this recipe in my Taste of Home magazine back in December. I had already decided on which Christmas treats I was going to be making, so I tucked the recipe away for a future holiday. Easter seemed perfect with its bright, pretty colors!

Here are some of the "naked" marshmallows, before they were decorated.

And some chocolate ones.....

These were kind of hard to do because when the chocolate was too hot, the marshmallows began to melt, and when the chocolate started to cool, it didn't go as smoothly onto the marshmallows as it did when it was hot.

These were EASY! Since the marshmallows were sticky on all sides, rolling them in sugar was a breeze.

I am excited for Sunday to come. I plan to put them all out on a big platter.

In other news.....Bruce has been on spring break for basically a week now. This is only day #2 for the girls and me. Five days off still seems pretty great though! Last night, Bruce and I went with my parents to Harrah's. We had dinner at the buffet and of course, gambled. Bruce and my parents play video poker almost the entire time. I don't like video poker. I play blackjack at the table. I wasn't doing too great there though so I switched to slots. They have "Deal or No Deal" machines now at Harrah's, which I love. I had to wait a little while before I could get on one, and then it took forever to finally hit the bonus and be able to play the case game, but it was fun. I discovered that game back in Vegas in 2008. It's a penny game too so that is a plus! I chose to move to another penny machine later and won $45! Overall, on the night, together, Bruce and I lost $2.50. Not bad for a few hours of entertainment!

We told B2 about the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc. about a week ago. She did not seem phased by it much at all. I think she kind of had the idea already in her head. At Christmastime, B1 shared with me that at one point, B2 asked her "do you think Mom and Dad are Santa?" B1, bless her heart, vehemently denied it and still played the game for us. But when she told me that, I decided that after Christmas, we would let B2 in on the secret. Well, we just now got around to it! LOL! I have some items purchased for their Easter baskets and we will hide plastic eggs in the yard. We will continue to do this until they tell us that they are too old! Hopefully that will never happen. Keep dreaming, huh?

I am beginning to see a tiny bit of light at the end of the school year tunnel. Yes, there are still about 7 weeks left, but I now have a plan in my mind for those weeks. I know where I should end up in my classes, I have 2 weeks of ACT review ready to go for my Trigonometry students, and I know the end is near! We have put in our requests for next year's schedule (which classes we would like to teach), and if I get what I want and teach the same subjects as this year, I think next year ought to be a breeze. I am sooooo keeping my fingers crossed. I would LOVE to be able to maybe scrapbook a little in the evenings while at home instead of always doing math. I swear, this school year, in any extra moment, I have been doing math homework, lesson plans, making notes / worksheets / quizzes / tests, etc. I have done NO scrapbooking other than 2 weekends when I went away to do it. But, I have also realized that I am paying the price now for the future when I teach the same subject (hopefully!).

B1 and B2 have been playing outside a lot lately. The weather here has been great the past week or so. They have been playing ball in the yard, riding bicycles, and taking the dog for walks. I love it! I love coming home from school and seeing them in the driveway, being active! I am hoping to get my bike out soon too.

That's about all for now......have a Happy Easter everyone!

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Nancy R said...

I had to ask E1 to "be and E.B. Helper with me" this year. She said she figured it out at Christmas when Rob said something about Santa having heartburn, lol.

My cousin has three kids - the youngest is in college - and they still do an egg hunt...the eggs just contain money and small gift certificates!