Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yesterday and Pictures from Vacation Day 8

We had a good day here yesterday. B1 made the middle school softball team! We celebrated last night by going to the Cardinal game and ended up with 4 seats in the diamond box area. We only really paid for 1 of these seats so it was a good night! I was shocked when the lady came up and asked us if we would like anything because I've never sat in the seats at Busch Stadium where you can order food right from your seat. We also had access to a little bar area where there were restrooms and it was air-conditioned. The temp at the start of the game was 99 and by the 10pm when the game ended, it had cooled a whole 7 degrees to 92. Wow! I'm not sure I've ever perspired that much at a Cardinal game. And with our seats being down low, we didn't feel the circulation of the air that you would get from higher up. Oh well....we had a good time and B1 got a ball tossed to her during batting practice!

Here are the photos from DAY 8 of our vacation:

Outside the Mall of America in Minneapolis

There is an acquarium inside the mall which we did not visit, but the girls still decided to act silly for this picture.

The shark mascot was walking all around the mall handing out coupons for the acquarium. I get the feeling it's not a really big draw for them!

1 view of the amusement park inside the mall.....

B2 in the Legoland area

Waiting in line to ride the roller coaster

The girls riding a smaller roller coaster where the car also spins

Posing next to the spinning roller coaster's tracks

The last time we were here, the amusement park was named "Camp Snoopy." Now, however, it is a Nickelodeon-themed park. Here are the girls with Spongebob and Patrick.

Bruce with Woody in Legoland

Walking in the mall

I LOVE this picture! It shows all 4 levels of the mall and B2 is trying to look diva-ish!

That's B1 and B2 up there on the log ride!

And coming down the hill.....

All 3 girls riding the drop ride

The next 5 pics are of B2 climbing in some sort of cage thing. She had to wear a harness and could go all over this thing, walking on tightropes and suspended bridges, climbing ladders, etc. She loved it and it was like 5 stories high!

A couple more views of the amusement park

My honeys!

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