Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Day 8

Wednesday, July 7, 2010: We started the day with breakfast at Burger King and then we were on the road to Minneapolis and the Mall of America! We arrived at the mall at about 10:30am and got a great parking spot outside one of the main entrances. Once inside, we all got maps and got acclimated to where we were. We also peeked in at the amusement park, which is now a Nickelodeon Park instead of Camp Snoopy like it was the last 2 times Bruce and I were here. We walked around the first floor of the mall, which is shaped like a big square with stores on both sides of the hallway and the amusement park in the center part of the square. After completing the first floor, we bought tickets for the amusement rides. The 4 of us all rode the roller coaster and then the girls rode another coaster which is kind of like the Tony Hawk ride at 6 Flags in St. Louis. After that, we were hungry and had lunch (it was now about 1:45pm) at one of the food courts so we could all get what we wanted. I had food from an Asian place and it tasted really good! We next did the 3rd floor of the mall. There is a cheese store on the 3rd floor which I remember from both of my other 2 trips and I love it! They have free samples! I tried several of them and then decided which ones I was going to go back and purchase later in the day. Then we finished off riding the rides. We all rode the log flume (this one and the one at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World are the 2 best I’ve ever rode), the girls and I rode a “drop” ride, and Bruce and B1 rode the roller coaster again while B2 did some kind of climbing thing where she had to wear a harness. Then we shopped on the 2nd floor (the 4th floor only has some restaurants, offices, a comedy club, and movie theater so we didn’t go up there) and finally, at about 8:00pm, ate dinner at an Italian restaurant which was really good! Then I went back and got my cheese and we left. It was a really good day although we probably spent too much money! Ha ha! We drove just a little south and are now at a Comfort Inn for the night.

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