Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pictures from Vacation Day 3

Here are the pictures that correspond with DAY 3 of our trip:

This is a statue of Wild Bill Hickok, which was outside out hotel.

The girls panning for gold.....

And the gold that they found, inside two little jars.

We drove over to Devil's Tower, which is in Wyoming. This was a side trip while we were staying in Deadwood. On the drive, we stopped at 3 different scenic trails which all lead to waterfalls. These next pictures are from those trails.

And the 29th state that B1 and B2 have been in.....Wyoming!

Devil's Tower.....

Pretty much, a big rock-like thing sticking up from the ground and that's about it! Ha ha!

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Jessica Blumberg said...

its 7 football fields long on the top of the tower! ;)