Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pictures from Vacation Day 6

OK, so back to the vacation photos.....
Here are the pictures taken on DAY 6 of our vacation.

The girls and me outside Wall Drug in Wall, SD.

The girls and Bruce inside Wall Drug. There were little statues like these all over the place there!

In the "back yard" at Wall Drug.


Here we are in front of the jackalope in the back yard. This thing has been here for years! My parents have a picture somewhere with my brother and me on this thing when I was about 10!

B1 and I having ice cream at Wall Drug!

The next 9 pictures were taken in the Badlands National Park. It reminded me of a miniature Grand Canyon. We spent maybe 2 hours here, driving through the eastern part of the park which was supposedly one of the more scenic routes.

B1 and I are not real fond of snakes! Especially poisonous ones!

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