Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation Day 5

Sunday, July 4, 2010: We woke up this morning after sleeping until about 8:45, got showered, and went downstairs for the continental breakfast. We then went over to the alpine slide with the intentions of using the remainder of our tickets. Bruce and the girls rode up and back down first and I took pictures of them. Then it began to rain a little. But then it stopped so the girls and I got on the chairlift to the top. Pretty much, as soon as we got going, the rain began harder and by the time we got to the top, we were pretty darn wet! They, of course, would not let us ride down on the alpine slide but they would like us ride back down on the chairlift and then get a rain check for later in the day. So that’s what we did. We then had to come back to the hotel room and dry off and change all of our clothes! Gees! Our next stop was supposed to be the Crazy Horse Memorial. We got there, however, and the cost to go in was $27/car. It was raining pretty hard by now too and rather cold for the 4th of July! So we chose not to go in. We could see the monument good enough from where we were so we took a few pictures and went on. Someone had told us anyway that it really wasn’t worth the money. They have been working on this monument for 62 years now and only really have the face done! We then drove to Custer (the town) and ate lunch at the Wrangler CafĂ©, which was pretty good despite a bus boy in there that had some serious BO! We then headed to Custer State Park. We ended up spending probably 3 hours driving through there and also stopped at a little country store. We saw several deer and finally, after quite a while, saw some burros and buffalo. The burros came right up to the cars and were looking for food! We had heard about this and so we were prepared by bringing crackers along for them. They stuck their heads right into our car and we all thought it was pretty cool! When we saw the buffalo, first we saw a group of about 50 of them and then a herd of probably 500! It was amazing and we had to wait for some to cross the road before we could drive through. We DID NOT try to feed them! We finally got back to Keystone around 6:15pm. We went back to the alpine slide so B1, B2, and I could do our ride and then we ate dinner uptown at Ruby’s Restaurant. We came back to the hotel and Bruce and the girls swam a little while, while I tried to do some laundry but the machines were busy until about 9:40. I am now waiting for laundry to get done! There is a game room caddy-corner across the hall from our room so we are playing around in there now until we go to bed.

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