Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures from Vacation Day 5 (and lots of them!)

We took A LOT of pictures on this day!

Bruce and the girls heading up the alpine slide

The white building in the background is our hotel. That's how close we were to the alpine slide!

B2 coming down

B1 coming down

Bruce coming down

Me coming down

The girls and I heading back up.....

And back down.....because it literally began raining as soon as we got off the platform to go up. They wouldn't let us slide down because the brakes on the cars don't work when the track is wet and we were pretty soaked by the time we rode the lift back down, which is why we are acting like we are crying! Good thing our hotel was so close so we could go change clothes! Ha!

Even the heads on Mt. Rushmore looked like they were crying in the rain!

Crazy Horse Monument.....this is as close as we got to it; we didn't pay the $$$ to actually go into the gates so we just took pics from the outside.

The next 15 pictures are of the burros (donkeys) in Custer State Park. Before we left, someone had told us to bring crackers for them. We are so glad we did because they LOVED being fed, and we LOVED laughing about it! They were very friendly and I petted their noses too.

We aren't exactly sure what this animal is. It kind of looks like a deer, but then again, not really.

Herd of buffalo in Custer State Park

Waiting for him to cross the road!


Kathy G said...

The Crazy Horse monument is a lot more complete than when we were there 11 years ago! We had the same problem with buffaloes in Yellowstone. They'd cause huge traffic jams.

Willy said...

Great pictures, our two would love the alpine slide! Oh and the donkey pictures crack me up, they remind me of that scene in Shrek 2 where DOnkey is annoying Shrek and Fiona by sticking his head in between them and making that "pop" noise with his mouth!