Monday, July 19, 2010

Pictures from Vacation Day 4

First of all.....the Disney countdown ticker is now UNDER 1 YEAR!!!!!

These are the pictures we took on the day we went to Mt. Rushmore. We went there first during the day, then went back to the hotel and rested/swam, and then back again at night for the lighting ceremony.

We are all wearing shirts from our town because the St. Louis newspaper runs a picture in the travel section of people wearing clothing from anywhere local (but they say the Cardinals and the Blues get used a lot) when they are on vacation at a well-known place. We are hoping to have our picture printed in the paper.

See the second flag pole back on the left side? On the front side of that pole is a white flag flying. It is the Illinois flag. There is one flag there for each state. They call it the "Avenue of Flags."

You can see the Illinois flag again here. Second pole back on the left side again.


Kathy G said...

Great pictures. I'll look for the family one in the POST travel section.

Anonymous said...

where is my St. Jacob shirt?

Beth said...

Who are you???