Monday, February 21, 2011


Once again, it's been quite awhile since I posted here. We are between sports now with the girls so there's been a lull. Well, there's NOT been a lull in activity though as they are both practicing for the next season: softball. And actually, B2's basketball season just ended on Saturday.

B1 has softball practice on Thursdays and Sundays and pitching lessons on Tuesdays and Sundays. B2 has softball practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays and also pitching lessons at the same time as B1. She is also still in gymnastics on Wednesdays and has been taking hitting lessons (she needs all the help she can get there!) on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are BUSY nights for her! LOL!

Since B2's basketball has wrapped up now and we are having a party for the end of the season, also on Wednesday night this week. The highlight will be a "Moms vs. the Girls" game. I might die. We will see!

I've been doing a "boot camp" class after school on Tuesdays, which is a weight and toning class. I like it. I am sore for the next few days but it's a good kind of sore, one where I know I earned it! There is also a class on Thursdays which is more of a cardio type of class. I decided to check it out last week. Wow! I had to jog, sprint, jump, and more. It was intense for me, but I know I burned some serious calories while there! I told one of the women there that I didn't know if I would be back and she convinced me to come back again. I felt like I was slowing down the women who were in better shape. She assured me that I was not and that everyone goes at their own pace and if they are ahead of me, they can loop back and go again. She is right; I will try again this week!

I think that the chances of yet one more snow day are narrowing, which is fine. I find that our family runs more smoothly when we have a routine in place. We also spend less money and I eat better and exercise more! I also obviously get more done at school with my students and we are already more than a week behind last year.

That's about it from here for now. I'll hopefully post again after Wednesday night, if I live through it! Haha!

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