Saturday, March 12, 2011

March is here!

The 3rd quarter at school ended yesterday! Spring is almost here! I love when the spring sports begin their practices and eventually their games.....that means the end is really near. I also like being able to get outside to go for walks, ride my bike, etc.

A tornado ripped through our area 2 weeks ago and in its path, tore the roof off of the home of the principal of my building. He, his wife, and their 4 sons (age 10 and under) were all OK but it really scared them I believe. There were several factors about the whole incident which just scream divine intervention. Today, I took a pan of lasagna, a pan of chicken tetrazzini, and 2 containers of taco soup (all home-made) to their temporary home. That's how I help people when I can; I cook!

My students at school raised $892.57 for lukemia and lymphoma. Actually, they didn't "raise" the money, they donated it! Seriously.....I set a goal of $6/student (some gave nothing and some gave over $50). With 128 students, our goal was $768 so we blew that away. Another teacher's classes ended up with almost $1200. We were second and the third place teacher had somewhere in the $300's. But the teacher who came up with $1200.....let's just say she did it using some "not so legal" practices. For example, apparantly, her students were allowed to drop some low scores on quizzes if they gave a certain amount of money. They were promised a field trip if they gave a certain amount of money (and our school CUT field trips at the end of last year). I made it be known that MY students gave from their hearts and they certainly DID NOT "buy" their grades in my classroom. RIDICULOUS! Anyway, because they met our goal, we are having a party on Monday, which is only a half day for them anyway so that is good. We are having buffalo chicken dip, chips, cookies, and Hawaiian punch.

My nephew was in a bad car accident about 2.5 weeks ago. He slid on black ice and flipped his truck. He was thrown from the vehicle and most of his injuries were to the bones in his face. He also fractured his hand and his jaw He spent many nights at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and had surgery which lasted about 10 hours but is home now and recovering. We are thankful.

I have been doing an exercise class on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. The Tuesday session focuses on toning and using light weights. The Thursday class involves more cardio. They are both great and make me leave basically panting but feeling really good about what I just did!

B1 met a new friend 2 weeks ago at a birthday party and they really hit it off. They have talked to each other (through texting) just about every day since and this weekend, her friend spent the night here last night while B1 went with her and her family to the St. Patrick's Day parade in St. Louis today and is spending the night at her house tonight.

Bruce, B2, and I are about to head out to Wal-Mart, dinner, and Aldi (my new favorite grocery store!).

Have a great weekend!

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