Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

If you are my Facebook friend, you have probably seen these first 3 pictures. Captions are UNDER the pics:

B1 (on the left) and friends before their 8th grade formal

The entire group before 8th grade formal

B1 in her formal dress

B1 (in the middle) with a group of friends at 8th grade honor's night

Here, she is receiving an award (one of four) for algebra! Yay!!!!!

This is when she got one of the other awards. She received 4 altogether that night.

B2 and one of her best friends watching their sisters at honor's night

B1 and her Algebra teacher Ms. Mueller. She was a GREAT math teacher!

My babies on their last days of middle school and high school. Ahhh.....summer is upon us!

B1.....last day of middle school

B2.....last day of elementary school

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