Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It Was A Rough Job!

Once again this year, Bruce and I were asked to be judges in our local BBQ contest called Jakey in June. This year, we judged on Saturday night in the Kids Q Competition, the "Anything But" (where the teams submit any meat dish except those judged on Sunday), desserts, and margaritas. I once again had the honor of judging the winning Kids Q hamburger and again this year, it was amazing! There were lots of good entries though and it was harder this year to judge than it was last year. Below are some of the pictures I took (with my phone so the quality is not very good) of the desserts and the meats. I did not taste all of these but those that I did were fabulous!

Bruce judged these.....

I judged had a peanut butter flavor.

This was my #1 dessert. They had a hint of coffee flavor to them and also a filling. They were really really good!

I also judged these beautiful little cakes! They were hollowed out at the bottom of the inside and filled with strawberries!

This plate was really good too! That is a lamb chop with 2 lumps of crab meat and mashed potatoes. The sauce on that plate was delicious!

This is a lobster pot pie! I got to judge this one! Yummy!

Prime rib which was like butter melting in your mouth!

Steak with bacon-wrapped asparagus. Also VERY good!

After everything else, we judged margaritas. I am not a margarita person and honestly, I took a very small sip of each one. The one I liked the best got voted out in the very first round. I think I liked it because it was the least like a margarita! It had a peachy flavor, was frozen, and tasted more like a daiquiri! Those are the kinds of drinks I like.....the fu-fu ones!

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Judging was fun!!!!!! Love to judge food.