Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday's 13 (#1).....Some of my favorite foods!

These are in no particular order.....

1. crab legs (anytime, anywhere) with plenty of melted butter

2. turtle pie from The House of Plenty in Highland, Illinois

3. my mom's caesar salad

4. spaghetti with mizithra cheese & browned butter from the Old Spaghetti Factory

5. chicken & dumplins prepared by my mother-in-law

6. fajita cheese crisp from Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Restaurant

7. French Onion Soup (made by me from the recipe from Famous-Barr)

8. Nestle Toll House cookie dough (made fresh at home, not the stuff in the refrigerator section at the store)

9. the Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster

10. a combination salad with house dressing from Talayna's restaurant in St. Louis

11. wedding cake (white with white icing, and not the fluffy whipped cream stuff either, I want the real icing with sugar and shortening in it!.....oh and give me a corner piece please!)

12. Triple Chocolate Utopia from Dairy Queen

13. just about any kind of chips and dip


Linlee said...

I love the Spaghetti Factory!!! I thought I was the one that liked Famous's onion

Dan D. said...

Mary Ann and I want to out and eat with you guys!! You sure made me hungry!!!