Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Gotta Buy the Lunch

Well, I got a visit at school today from my former student who I had the bet with about the Cubs and the Cardinals. He won the bet. (Check out my post September: Do or Die Time if you need a refresher.) I figured he would come sporting a Cubs shirt (and I actually considered wearing a Cardinal jersey today to combat that situation) but he spared me. We will most likely do lunch on one of the days when I have parent/teacher conferences and I will have to pay. I really can't stand the thought of the Cubs finishing higher than the Cards so I'm rooting hard now for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I love being able to abuse Cub fans about the fact that it's been 99 years since their team won a World Series!

Other than that, our visit was good. It's always nice to see former students, especially those who have taken a little piece of my heart. I really think I have the best job in the world.


Jenn said...

I"ve often wondered if teachers do remember some of their students after they've passed through their classrooms. You guys get SO many kids I can't imagine remembering all of them!

There are two teachers from my high school days I'd love to just say "HI! and thank you!" to, but I'm afraid they wouldn't remember me.

Beth said...

Go tell them "hi and thank you!" anyway. Names are hard, but faces are easier. Don't take offense if they can't remember your name because most likely they will remember your face. It lifts a teacher's heart when those former students come back as adults.