Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have and Have Not!

So, I like to buy and sell things on ebay. I recently (last Sunday) listed 18 items and by this past Sunday, had sold 15 of them. It was nothing major.....some older Hallmark ornaments I no longer want or need since we have SO MANY "must have" ornaments now, some kids' DVD movies and even some kids' VHS movies. Anyway, I made about $75, which I am happy with. But then of course, since my paypal account now had $$$ in it, I immedimately went shopping on ebay and found 3 items which cost more than the $75 I had made. Go figure. I will say that all 3 of these are Christmas items and I am very excited about all of them. I will be posting about them when they arrive, especially the one that cost the most! I am so excited about that one and I sure hope it meets my expectations! (Hint.....it has to do with fishnet stockings.....any ideas?)


Willy said...

Very funny! I've been doing the EXACT same thing! Well, maybe not buying anything to do with fishnet stockings though!

Dan the Man said...

Well since this is a family site I will guess something to do with the lamp from "the christmas story"

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

I know someone who puts a lamp like that in their front window every holiday season.