Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kitchen Pictures

These are the handles we (I) picked for the new cabinets. I chose to have these on both the door-style cabinets AND the drawers (turned the other way, of course) because from past experience, I have found that whenever we have knob-type hardware on drawers, they come loose too easily. Just my opinion.
This is (obviously) a close-up picture of the new countertop, which is wonderful in hiding anything I missed while wiping up!
This space is new storage area for us. Previously, this spot housed a microwave cart, microwave, and a little breakfast table with room enough for 2 to eat. Yeah, we have a lot of "junk" on our fridge, but I think it makes our kitchen look "homey"..... see the Wheaties box on the counter? The picture on it is of the 4 of us!
These pictures were taken in the fall, hence the pumpkin decorations in the window. You can see how our table (which is not new) matches pretty well with the new hardwood floor. The cabinet in the background belonged to my grandma. I like the way it looks in our kitchen.
The barstools basically replaced the breakfast table. They have come in very handy. The girls often eat their breakfast while "bellied-up" to the bar!
This is my favorite picture. I really like how the tile guy put some black accents in to tie the countertop, floor, and cabinets together. The stove is new as well as the microwave, which I like having above the stove. The sink is also new and cast iron, so it was REALLY HEAVY to bring into the house! We are very happy with everything. Although we added more storage space, I of course managed to fill pretty much every spot!


Dan D. said...

Looks great Beth. We'll be down at Dale's on the 27th ....maybe we'll see you guys while we're in St. Jacob....

Prologos said...

Love the new kitchen! How exciting; good for you guys to splurge on the one thing I think most people would want to renovate in their own homes.


Leeann said...

Beautiful kitchen! I love the knobs!

LaraDotson said...

Love Love Love your choices. Where o where did you get your handles? There are so many everywhere but I have never seen these. So cute. Thanks for sharing your pictures
Lara - Indy