Friday, December 21, 2007


My kids are all into Webkinz right now. We have 4, but according to them, that's not enough I guess! I have seen the website and it really does look pretty cute. They even have a doggie treadmill and when the dog runs on it, it's adorable! I am thinking I will buy another for each of them for Christmas yet and put it in their stockings. They just recently (after I had the remainder of the shopping already done) became interested in them. There's always something new to spend money on, isn't there?

Hubby and I are going to go to the Blues game on Sunday. This will be our first for the year. I bought tickets from a teacher at school who had to sell them. I think they are pretty good seats, 5 rows off the ice! I've never sat in seats that good! Blues games are special for us because our first date was at a Blues game (3/26/88) and we got engaged at a Blues game exactly four years later (3/26/92). We are excited about our "date" and the girls are excited that they get to spend some time at the home of one of Hubby's basketball players!


Dan D. said...

Hey Beth...have fun at the Blues game. You guys gotta come up here for a Rivermen game. By the way, the date 3/26 is pretty special to us too. It was 3/26/73 that Chris was born. How about that? Hope you guys have a GREAT Christmas, and hope your Mom is doing better. Haven't heard any more. We'll be at Dale's and Donna's on Thursday, the
27th....maybe we can visit with you guys for a bit. See ya.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

My two are really into the Webkinz for the past year. The website is cute and they also have great education games they can play for "kinzcash". My daughter has 10 (and getting 2 more for Christmas) and my son has 4 (getting 2 more for Christmas).