Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mom's Pitching Lesson

So, I accompanied B1 to her pitching lesson tonight. I have never been to a pitching lesson with her. That is usually Dad's department, but tonight he had to coach a basketball game and we had no other choice. Once, in the past when Dad couldn't make it, we asked Grandpa to accompany B1 and he was happy to do so. But, with everything going on with my mom, I didn't want to ask my dad this time. So, it was up to me. There were certainly a few pitches that hurt my hand! I told her to throw some change-ups after those! I didn't wear a mask or shin guards and thankfully, I didn't need them. I don't think it was the best lesson though because it seems that many of the pitches went way to my side. And, since this was my first time, I don't have anything to compare to. But it was fun all the same and I think that B1 liked the fact that I was catching her. I know too that I can do it!

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