Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, B1, B2, and I are having a girls' weekend. Hubby is having a boys' weekend with a friend. They went to Peoria, IL to watch some hockey games (Dan and Mary, they might call you guys!), do some gambling, and possibly head over to Bloomington for a basketball game. So tonight, the girls and I went to the Korte Rec Center in Highland and swam for awhile. Then we had Chinese food for dinner and eventually headed to Wal-Mart to do our shopping. I don't know what our plans are going to be for tomorrow yet. I am going to check the movie listings to see if there is anything appropriate out there for a 7 and 11 year old. We will also prepare some snack foods for a trivia night at church on Sunday night. I miss Hubby when he is gone, but I do like having the bed to myself once in awhile! I can stretch out!

Update on my mom: she is still feeling very weak and tired. However, today marks 4 weeks since she has had to have a blood transfusion. She has not had platelets since then either. We take this as encouraging news. Maybe her bone marrow is doing what it is supposed to be doing??? She had a doctor check on Tuesday and he told her not to come back for 10 days, which is the longest span of time she has gone between seeing doctors since this all began in December. She is taking A LOT of different medications as treatment now and we are thinking that that is what is causing her to be so weak. She is going to inquire more about this at her next visit. Please keep the prayers coming.


Rebecca said...

still sending all my best wishes and support for your mom and family. . .

have a great girls' weekend-- there's nothing better!

Dan D. said...

Didn't hear anything from Bruce and the boys. Glad to hear your Mom is 'hangin' in there' Beth. We're praying everyday for her. Hope you 'girls' had a nice weekend. Love ya..