Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm not good at them, but I love trivia nights!

We had a trivia night tonight at our church. This was the 3rd annual trivia night and it has always been on the night before Pulaski Day (yes, I the teacher have a big say in when we schedule trivia night and this way, I know I don't have to get up early the following day!). Anyway, I made the questions for 5 of the categories tonight. Here are some of my favorite questions.....which ones do you know the answers to?

1. From the Movie Quotes category: "It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told." What movie is that?

2. From the US Geography category: If you traval due south from Detroit, Michigan, what foreign country do you arrive in first?

3. From the Games category: How many spaces are on a Monopoly board?

4. From the Slogans category: "What's in your wallet?"

5. From the Kids Stuff category: What is Arthur the Aardvark's last name?

6. From the Sports category: In 2007, a junior from Triad High School became the class AA state champion discus thrower. She is a resident of our town. What is her name?

7. From the Significant Dates In Local History category: What happened on 7/5/90?

Oh yeah, tomorrow on my day off, I get to go to lunch (again) at the Cheesecake Factory with 2 fellow teachers/friends. The diet starts on Tuesday!

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Katie's blog said...

The geography questions stumped my husband. We had a good time. I ate way too much food, though