Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Plans

So we have a sort of exciting weekend planned. We are going to head out tomorrow around noon and go over to Westport Plaza in St. Louis to spend the night. We did this on a whim last night and made a reservation at the Sheraton Hotel there. They have an indoor pool and Hubby told me to bring my scrapbook stuff so I can work on it in the hotel room while they are at the pool! What a guy! We are also going to go to Dave and Buster's on Saturday after we check out of the hotel. This is a reward to the girls for their good report cards this week. B2 finally got a good mark in "controls unnecessary talking." Yay! Then we will come home Saturday evening and go to church on Sunday morning, after an Easter egg hunt in our yard. After church, we will head to Hubby's sister's house for Easter lunch, which is always very yummy, and another egg hunt. At dinnertime, we will go to a restaurant with my family. I'm sure we won't be very hungry then, but that's OK; it will be nice just to spend some time with them. Happy Easter to all of you!

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Katie's blog said...

I hope you have a wonderfully happy festive Easter!!!!! Have a great day.