Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unnecessary Talking

OK, yeah I know I have been rather neglecting my blog. But I've had a lot on my mind and it seems that B1 and B2 have had a bit more school work than usual. It's January and it seems that in January every year, they get a bit busier at school. B1 has a science fair project she's working on, which really isn't that big of a deal (final product not due until March), but still takes a little time to think about. And the fact that science was never one of my favorite subjects doesn't help! They both have Young Author books due on Feb. 2 as well. I am always so happy when that project is completed and turned in! Again, English.....not one of my favorite subjects! I can do grammar for the most post, but writing? Yuck. They both got their report cards yesterday and B1 got all A's and all S's for satisfactory in her behavior/socialization. B2 got an A in the one subject they actually give a letter grade for in 2nd grade (I seriously can't remember which subject that is right now). But she went from an S to a P (progressing) in social studies and as usual, got a P for "controls unnecessary talking." This is a continual thing with her, she talks when she isn't supposed to at school. Last year, one quarter, she actually got an S in the talking category and we were so happy!


Dan D. said...

Hi Beth...well, obviously, the girls get their brains AND their good looks from you!! LOL (Sorry Bruce). Hey, how about an 'update' on your Mom. Hope she's doin' OK. Been thinking about her a lot.

Rebecca said...

I second dan. . . how are you guys doing?

Nancy R said...

I hope your Mom is doing well, and I hope they find a good match!