Sunday, January 6, 2008


We visited the doctor at Barnes (Siteman Cancer Center) on Friday. His plan for now is to treat my mom with drugs and begin to look for a possible bone marrow match. Her spirits still seem to be good and my parents went out to eat last night and also to an antique mall. Today, she came to B1's basketball game (in which B1 scored 5 points!) and they are planning to eat out again tonight. She claims she has been feeling much better since receiving platelets last Saturday and again on Friday the 4th. She will go to the hospital (Barnes) again tomorrow and get 2 more units of blood. Then on Friday they go back and see the doctor for the actual plan of medication.

So many people have been so kind to me and my family throughout all of this. I sit in church and look around and see all these people who I have known my entire life and I know that I could ask almost any one of them for help and they would not hesitate. I think growing up in a small town is wonderful in that regard.

B2 and I took the dog for a walk today in the almost 70 degree temperature! What a great day. The wind was blowing a little bit but it was pretty darn nice outside and our dog was happy to get some exercise! She looks at us sometimes with those big eyes, just begging us to play with her!

And finally..... if it affects you and your commute, then I feel bad for you, but I am SICK of hearing about the stupid highway 40 shutdown on the news!!!!! Get over it already and move on!

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