Monday, March 3, 2008


Another snow day tomorrow. Yeah, I guess it's getting kind of old, but then again, you just gotta love an unplanned day off! When I was a kid, I used to LOVE seeing my school district's name on the television. I used to wake up early in the morning and listen to KMOX, simply to hear my school's name. My mom drove a bus and I usually knew about school being closed before a lot of other kids, but I would listen anyway just for the satisfaction of hearing my school being named. Then I would roll over and go back to sleep. Now that I am married to a teacher, all of us having the day off together is pretty sweet. By the afternoon, the roads are usually cleared off and driveable, so oftentimes, we do something fun together like go to a movie. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I copied and pasted what I saw tonight on Channel 5's website:

This page automatically refreshes every two minutesto give you the most up to the minute closings
All closings are for tonight or tomorrow if listed after 12pmEarly closings are for the current day.
Other Closings & Cancellations

Triad Comm. Unit School District 2



Rebecca said...

sigh. so jealous.

have fun for me!

Katie's blog said...

You are so funny - and you need a life if you are copying and pasting school closings - lol

Linlee said...

It seems to only snow on the days I work! I've missed alot this winter! I'm ready for warmer days!