Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Pearls

Some of you may think this second picture is kinda gross, but I like it!

B2 began 3rd grade this year and back in September, she was the only kid in her class who hadn't lost their 2 front teeth! They weren't even the slightest bit loose. I had our dentist take an X-ray of her mouth just to make sure that those two permanent teeth were in there and he reassured me that yes, they were. He also told me that she would probably be wearing braces on her wedding day; she is just slower than most to lose her teeth.
Fast forward to March, when she finally lose the first of these two front teeth. And about 10 days later, she lost the other one. I think those 2 permanent teeth up in there look like little pearls, just waiting to grow in! I think they are kind of cute in a weird sort of way! So I made her "pose" for this picture. Thank goodness her nose was clean!

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