Friday, April 10, 2009

That Opening Day Smell

I was lucky enough to get to go to the Cardinals opening day on Monday. Yes, the weather was awful and it was very cold out but I still think there is nothing like opening day at Busch Stadium.

I can remember many opening days or nights when I was growing up. Somehow my dad used to be able to get tickets for us about every other year. It was usually a family affair with the 4 of us all going to the game. I can remember we used to usually park in the stadium garage (I think it was on the west side of the stadium) with the bridge on the 4th level which took you right across the street over to Gate 4 of the stadium. I can remember walking across that bridge with my parents and brother and smelling that stadium dogs mostly. Oh that smell was and still is one of the best ever. I smell it every time I go to a game at Busch Stadium, but on opening day, it is just a little sweeter.

Another summer of Cardinal baseball is upon us. I am ready!

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