Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love Grows Best

"Love grows best in little houses,
With fewer walls to separate,
Where you eat and sleep so close together,
You can't help but communicate,
Oh, and if we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss.
Love grows best, in houses just like this."
.....lyrics from a song by Doug Stone

We live in a house that is relatively small compared to many of our friends. I always find myself thinking that we will probably never move because for one reason, I can't imagine packing and physically doing a move! And for another.....I don't particularly enjoy cleaning the house we have, so I certainly don't want to clean a bigger one. But also, I have told Bruce and some of our friends that we probably wouldn't be able to afford a new home and continue living the lifestyle we enjoy. We put what I consider to be a pretty significant amount of money away every month into a "vacation" fund and into a "college" fund for the girls. Two of my biggest priorities in life are being able to put my children through college just like my parents and Bruce's parents did for us and going on "good" vacations. I soooo want my children to see as much of our fabulous country as possible while they are under my roof! I also tell people that we really enjoy doing things such as going to Cardinal baseball games, concerts, etc. We usually don't hesitate much at the price when something like this comes up because we figure that we work hard enough that we should be able to treat ourselves to stuff like this.

Well, yesterday, I realized that this weekend......I am doing a lot of stuff!

Last night: Dinner out with my parents (a double-date, if you will!), gambling at one of the St. Louis casinos, and then a late movie (we saw "Obsessed" and we weren't really impressed)

Tonight: We are going to see Taylor Swift in concert! We were some of the lucky people who got tickets! Our girls are really excited about this!

Tomorrow: We are going to the Cardinal game and we get to sit in the Bank of America box again! This is a treat to us from some friends. I for one am really looking forward to it!

So, yeah, anyway, we wouldn't be able to afford to continue doing these things AND make a larger house payment. But that's OK with me! (smile)

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