Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Stuff

I have 7.5 days left to work this school year. The end really has not been too bad. Everyone else is out of school and it's not as awful as I had anticipated. I think that is because now, every day almost seems like the end.

I think that in June, I might try to do what I did last year and post 1 picture each day. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this since I don't get out of school until June 10, but last year I made it happen so I might try again this year. It was kinda fun and I know that some people enjoy a post each and every day.

We might be able to play ball tonight in St. Jacob. Keep your fingers crossed. I last talked to Bruce at 2:30 and he was going to try to work up one of the diamonds so B1 and her rec team could get their game in. She got rained out this week 2 games in her select league.

Tomorrow is my 41st birthday. Plans for the weekend include sleeping in tomorrow, walking, scrapbooking for a little while, and then going to Dave and Buster's with another family in the evening. Sunday, once again, I am choosing the Cheesecake Factory for my dinner with my parents, brother, etc. Sunday is also Triad's graduation, which I always go to and love.

That's about it for now. I'll check back in again on June 1!

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Willy said...

Happy birthday! Have a great weekend!