Monday, May 11, 2009

One Busy Week Followed By Another

Whew! Last week was a really busy one. This week won't be much different. Here's a summary:

Monday (5/4): Received the news of a local man/father/husband passing away, which really took the wind out of my sails. That evening, B1 had her first local rec league softball game and they won. We went to celebrate with ice cream afterwards.

Tuesday (5/5): B2 had art class after school, which I had to drive her to and pick her up from. In the meantime, I went to the grocery store and through McDonald's drive-thru to get dinner for us. She later had her first softball game, which they lost, and B1 had her first Belleville softball game, which they won. I stayed with B2 at her game while Bruce went with B1. We then came home and I stayed up until about midnight cooking food for the family of the man who passed away.

Wednesday (5/6): B2 had gymnastics class and I went to pick up our new vehicle, a Honda Pilot. I picked this out all on my own and made the decision to purchase it by myself too. We are keeping both of our other vehicles because with their mileage, they aren't worth much. I took my food to the family and spoke with the widow. She seemed to be doing OK and had a lot of family and friends around her. She is blessed to be surrounded by a lot of loving friends in her neighborhood during this time. Then B1 had another local league game but the Troy team didn't show up (afraid of us already!). So they had a practice instead.

Thursday (5/7): We quickly came home from school and changed to go to the visitation at the funeral home. All my sympathies go out to this family. I cannot imagine being the mother of 2 daughters the same ages as mine and being on my own now. I know God would help me, but my heart still breaks for them. Afterwards, B2 had a game, which they won!

Friday (5/8): This was garage sale day. We've had this garage sale planned for a couple of months now, so I could have told you back in March that it was going to RAIN HARD on this day! It always does when we have a garage sale. So it was pretty much a bust. Sigh. We were asked by another family to join them for dinner at a local pizza place, which we did, and then we went to Wal-Mart and seriously spent over $300. We hadn't been there in over 3 weeks and I did buy groceries too so I guess that wasn't just TOO bad, huh? That evening, at 10pm, B1 and B2 were playing "tennis" in the kitchen with a tiny, bouncy, rubber ball. Do not ask me what this game entails but while I was vaccuuming the living room floor, the loudest wailing I have ever heard came from the kitchen. It was B1. She had jumped up and when she came down, she landed on the side of her foot instead of the bottom. Screaming pain. I. Mean. Screaming. But in her defense, it swelled up (to me it looked like she swallowed a whole egg, it slid down her body and down her leg whole,and stopped on side of her ankle) immediately and actually kind of scared me and Bruce. We considered taking her to the emergency room but instead opted to call the trainer from Bruce's school. He put us at ease and told us we may want to go see the trainer at my school the following morning, which we did. She iced it that night and slept on the couch with it elevated. Here is what her ankle looks like tonight. The bruising didn't actually appear until last night.
Saturday (5/9): Garage sale day #2. Another bust. Anyone who knows garage sales knows that the second day is usually pretty lame, and ours was certainly that. We closd up shop about 11am. Bruce ended up taking B1 to the hospital to have her ankle x-rayed in the morning and after speaking with my dad on the phone, we opted not to cancel the plans we had for Saturday night. Those plans were for Bruce and me to drive to Kansas City and see.....Kenny concert! YAY!!! I'm telling you, the show that he put on was amazing! He sings for 1.75 hours straight, dances, runs, and jumps around that stage, and doesn't stop. And I knew the words to every single song (and there were a lot of them!). He began this show by sitting up in some sort of swing thing which the crew managed to move around the entire arena, dangling him above everyone, until he finally ended up on stage at the end of the song! Awesome! We stayed in a Best Western that night and drove home the following day.

Sunday (5/10): Happy Mother's Day! Besides the trip to KC, I got home-made poetry book from B1 (she wrote all of the poems), a flower in a decorated pot from B2, and an azelia bush from Bruce. Supposedly they are hard to raise, so we'll see how I do. We stopped in Wentzville, MO on the way home and did a little shopping. B2 had pitching lessons at 4:30 and we then met 18 other members of my family at the Trenton House for dinner at 5:45. After that, we went to Bruce's mom's for a little while and finally home!

Today (5/11): I picked the girls up from school a little early and they had dentist appointments. While they were there (we know our dentist and his assistant pretty well), I ran to Kohl's to exchange my mom's Mother's Day gift (a pair of summer sandles which were too big for her) and then grabbed a couple things at Aldi's. B2 had another game tonight, which they won.

I think that's it for now. We have games all week again except Friday but B2 won't be playing this week. We will still go to the games, however, and cheer on the other girls. Hopefully she'll be back in the swing of things by next week.

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Willy said...

Wow! You guys are busy! Glad to hear the girls' games are going well! Also, been there done that on the ankle sprain! She'll be sore for a little while.