Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colorado Day 6

Wednesday, July 29, 2009: Bruce got up early this morning, showered, and headed to the casino down the hill. The girls and I went down there to meet him for breakfast around 9am. Breakfast was free when staying at our hotel and it was really good (hot breakfast). Afterwards, we all went back to the room, packed up, and checked out just before 11am. We headed downtown for a little while longer. Bruce and the girls went to the same place as last night so the girls could play some games. They first dropped me off at a casino where Bruce saw $3 blackjack last night and also “Deal or No Deal” penny slot machines. These two games are my favorites! I played for about 45 minutes and then Bruce went to play for a while and I stayed with the girls. We played pool. Before we left town (about 12:30), we all got a snack (ice cream for us girls, hot dog for Bruce). Our next destination was Colorado Springs. We headed to Garden of the Gods. I remember being at this place as a child and thinking that the “Balanced Rock” and the “Steamboat Rock” were really cool. We spent quite a bit of time at the welcome center and gift shop. We watched a 14-minute film about the forming of the rocks, etc. millions of years ago. And while we were in the gift shop, we ran into Eric Schmidt and his family! Small world! We live in the same town of 1000 and over 850 miles from home, we see each other! Eric is in Colorado Springs for meetings and the rest of his family tagged along. After that, we drove around the park ourselves. It was nice and I do remember some of the other things as well. We got done there just before 5pm and then headed to the Flying W Ranch for dinner. This is a chuck wagon dinner show type of thing. I was here as a child as well. My brother got lost when we were here (he was probably about 7 years old at the time) and I remember sitting on a bench with my grandmother, crying and praying together that we would be able to find him. I was really scared. Turns out, he and his friend (our families were vacationing together) had gone into the parking lot to play catch with a ball they had found. Freaked all of us out! Gees! I was also there 11 years ago with my parents, grandma, Bruce, and B1 as an 18-month old. I was sick at the time, however. I guess I had the flu because I remember vomiting in a trash can. My dad cannot stand it when one of his children or grandchildren is sick and he went and pleaded our case to the management. They in turn gave him his money back for the dinner and we left. So technically, this was the first time I have actually been able to enjoy the entire experience! And I really did enjoy it. Since we arrived 2 hours before dinner, we got a really good seat, up front close to the stage. We walked around the little shops and old-time buildings before dinner. We got to watch a horse being shoed. It was neat. I had seen this on TV but never live before. It was very interesting to watch and B2 loved it! Dinner consisted of either BBQ chicken or beef (the girls and I chose chicken, Bruce beef), baked beans, a foil-wrapped baked potato, chunky applesauce, a roll with butter, a piece of spice cake, and either lemonade, tea, or coffee. They serve dinner on tin plates and the drinks in tin cups. It was cool and the food was filling. The show consisted of cowboy music and lasted about an hour, which was perfect. After we left, we drove to tonight’s hotel (we are also staying here tomorrow night), a Comfort Inn. The room is nice and again, we have a microwave and fridge. Bruce took the girls to the pool for a short while yet this evening. We will be heading to bed here shortly!

Downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado. Aren't these buildings cool looking? Old western mining town......

Bruce and the girls trying to push the "Balanced Rock" over!

B2 and me next to "Steamboat Rock"

Our family before we headed in for dinner.

Inside the dining hall. They serve 1200 people here in just 30 minutes! Everyone sits at picnic tables with other people you don't know. Cool atmosphere!

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