Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Cedar Point Pics!

I think this is Schroeder, but I'm not positive.
Charlie Brown

Snoopy of course!

B1 and B2 riding their favorite ride.....the Blue Streak roller coaster. They especially waited to be able to sit in the front seat......6 times!
In front of another one of their favorite coasters, the Iron Dragon

The past 3 years, this has become a tradition for us. We wrote our name like this on the same beach in 2007. In 2008, we wrote it on the shore at Disney's Castaway Cay island. I am hoping to find somewhere in either South Dakota or Wyoming to do something similar later this month!

They really enjoyed playing in Lake Erie. These pictures were taken from far away, which is why they are a bit blurry.

The water was really shallow quite a ways out. They are basically laying down in the water here.


Willy said...

Love all these pictures! Oh, Dan and I loved Cedar point! The Top Thrill Dragster was shut down when we went so we didn't get to expericene that, but those were the BEST roller coasters ever!

Katie's blog said...

Awesome pictures!!!!! I missed you while you were gone, and now we are leaving! Summer is going too fast.