Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm back!

Our trip to Cedar Point was great! I finally got to ride the Top Thrill Dragster and I can say that it was the most thrilling roller coaster I've ever been on, even though the ride only lasts 17 seconds! It's a serious adrenaline rush. Between the 4 of us, we rode 14 of the 17 roller coasters there. The 3 that we didn't ride went upside down and we're not big fans of going upside down! I did ride one stand-up coaster that went upside down though, albeit not my favorite. I will post some pictures from the trip each of the next several days.

This is where we stayed in Sandusky. We did not have any reservations before we left and we anticipated just staying at some "mom and pop" kind of motel, which we did. This place had 8 units! But it was clean and cheap, so it was fine with us. All we really did there was sleep anyway and the owners were very nice. It was in the lobby here that I found out Michael Jackson had passed away.

This picture was taken on the first day we went to Cedar Point outside of McDonald's. The water is Lake Erie. It's really pretty nice there because the amusement park is located on a peninsula and therefore, even when the temperature is high, you have a breeze almost all the time.

Here is one view of the park as you drive up to it. Pretty cool! The yellowish colored coaster is the Top Thrill Dragster. The blue one on the left side is the Millenium Force and is seriously the smoothest coaster I've ever ridden. It is really awesome too!

Here is B2 trying to climb the rope ladder. She is falling in this picture.

Family shot in front of an old rail car.

I look too happy to be here!

They are having their feet massaged on a "footsie wootsie."

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